V2 e Cigs Discount for Valentines Day

Save 20% on the V2 Cigs Couples Kit

Just in time for Valentines Day, V2 Cigs would like to offer an excellent option for couples wanting to make the switch to e cigarettes together. What better way to say I love you to a smoker than with the gift of e cigarettes. As an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes can help prevent typical cigarette odors and mess.

Smoking is not sexy. E Cigarettes are, however a way to ensure ashes, tar and cigarette butts don’t get in the way of the romantic valentines day mood.

Another cool option for valentines day is to get a V2 cigs gift card. This will allow the recipient to choose his or her V2 Cigs Kit and customize options, flavors and strength. There is no coupon coded needed to get the discount on the kit, but if you would like a discount of other v2 products, you can use the following coupon code:

Coupon Code : ecigssale

20 percent discount on v2 cigs for valentines day

V2 e Cigarette Coupon Code for January

V2 e cigs are one of the hottest brands of electronic cigarettes on the market today. As an affiliate partner of V2 Cigs, we have been provided a unique V2 e Cigarettes discount code to offer our web visitors. This discount coupon code is exclusive to wholesale e cigarettes and offers a 10% storewide discount towards any purchase on the V2 e Cigarette website. Simply follow the following link and at checkout, use the following coupon code *ecigssale* to receive your 10% discount:



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You can browse their entire selection of V2 Cigs products including complete V2 e Cig starter kits, disposable e cigarettes and the world famous V2 e Liquid.


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Free Shipping on Starfire e Cigarettes

We feature a lot of e cigarettes online and are please to introduce our new campaign for Starfire e cigarettes. With this first announcement, we would like to inform our readers about the Starfire e Cigarette FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100. Starfire e CIgarette Starter Kits start at around $60 and come complete with everything needed to enjoy vaping. Here is a preview of Starfire e Cigarettes. We will be rolling out an overview of the full product line shortly… Stay Tuned. In the mean time, select either the black Starfire Starter Kit or the White Starfire Starter Kit and go directly to the site. Enjoy.

7s Hybrid e Cigarette Kit deal for July 21st 2012

20% Discount

What a better way to start the Wholesale e Cigarettes Deal of the Day than with the 7s e Cigarette Hybrid Kit! This is the latest and by far greatest offering by 7s e cigarettes we have seen. This daily deal is a little special in that we are able to extend this offer until the end of July. Thats right, you can use this 7s e cigarette coupon code until July 31st to save 20% on the new 7s Hybrid e Cigarette Starter Kit.

Here is how to use this deal of the day to receive your 20% e cigarette coupon code for a new 7s Hybrid e Cigarette Kit.
  1. Visit the 7s e Cigarette website at my7s.com.
  2. Add the 7s Hybrid e Cigarette Kit to the cart and make sure to get some extras like eLiquid and Cartomizer Refills
  3. Use coupon code *HybridVIP20* at checkout.

Here is some additional details from 7s e Cigarettes:

7’s Hybrid Kit

The SS Choice 2-piece Patent Pending 7’s Hybrid is constructed in sturdy, hardwearing stainless steel with an anodized-type covering and a black powder-coat finish. Built with “Enhanced Vapor Production”, and special seals that prevent leakage, the 7’s Hybrid supports our customer satisfaction rating of 99.7%.

Finished off with the 7’s logo, the 7’s Hybrid represents SS Choice’s commitment to unsurpassed quality through meticulous manufacturing specifications that pass our 3 Step Quality Assurance.

Use with 7’s E-Liquids or 7’s Cartomizers.

  • Save up to 80% over tobacco.
  • Longest battery life.
  • Largest selection of flavors.
  • Maximum Vapor!
  • Multiple Charging Methods.
  • Use with Cartomizers and E Liquids!

V2 Coupon Code for the 4th of July 25 Percent Off

V2 Ultimate Starter Kit

V2 e Cigarettes has is celebrating the 4th of July with a HUGE SALE on e Cigarettes. As an affiliate partner of V2, Wholesale-eCigarettes.com has secured a special coupon code for 25% off v2 starter kits, disposables and every product store wide. This 25% discount is available one day only any will be over before you know it so stock up not on V2cigs and save.

But wait… There is more!!! Use this special v2 coupon code to receive AN EXTRA 10% discount on top of the 25% Discount for an Extra Savings of 35%!!!

Here is how to get your 25% 4th of July Discount and an extra 10% Discount on V2 e Cigarettes this 4th of July:

  1. Visit the V2 e Cigarette Website
  2. Select your V2 e Cigarettes, Kits, Disposables, anything really…
  3. Input the following code at checkout *ecigssale*
  4. Enjoy Your V2Cigs & feel free to write back with a review!
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Premium eCigarettes 4th of July Coupon Code

Premium eCigarettes is known for its custom ecigarette batteries and has offered a 20% Discount for Wholesale-eCigarettes.com readers. From now until the 8th of July, Premium is offering a 20% Discount on the purchase of Premium e cigarettes through the Premium eStore online.

This 20% Discount Coupon is good for 20% off ANY Premium Starter Kit! Although this option excludes Clearance items, this is an amazing value for anyone looking to Save money on an ecigarette purchase.

To take advantage of this Premium e Cigarette Discount Code, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click Here to visit the Premium eStore
  2. Select your Premium eCigarette Starter Kit & stock up on Accessories & Refills
  3. At Checkout, Enter the following code *fireworks*
  4. Sit Back and Enjoy your Premium eCigarettes at discount & close to wholesale prices.

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Volcano eCigarettes 25% Discount Coupon

Volcano eCigarettes Express Kit 25% Discount

Wholesale eCigarettes has partnered up with some of the best ecigarette brands to offer discounts and coupons. As part of our continuing efforts here at www.wholesale-ecigarettes.com to offer low ecigarette prices, we have been given a coupon code for volcano ecigarettes for a 25% discount on Volcano eCigarette Kits, namely, their express kit.

Here is how to use your Volcano eCigarettes 25% discount Coupon Code:

  1. Follow this link to the Volcano eCigarettes Website
  2. Select a Volcano eXpress Starter Kit
  3. Input the volcano ecigarette coupon code *volcodeES25* at checkout.
  4. Enjoy your Volcano Electronic Cigarette Express Starter Kit!

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PureSmoke eCigarettes Discount Coupon for the Summer


Puresmoke has recently released a coupon code for the purchase of electronic cigarettes. For Wholesale-eCigarettes readers who would like to take advantage of price discounts and e cigarettes at discount prices, we are pleased to release this ecigarette coupon for Puresmoke.

Here is how to use your Puresmoke eCigarette Discount Coupon Code:

  1. Follow this link to the website of Puresmoke Online.
  2. Select your PureSmoke Starter Kit or product of choice.
  3. Input the following coupon code at checkout *summer25*

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7s eCigarette Father’s Day Coupon

Choice 7s e Cigarettes is offering some amazing discounts for fathers day. With 25% off everything in the my7s.com store through June 17th, 2012 and 40% off All Square Charging Cases, this is an unbelievable value of one of the highest rates ecigarettes on the market today.

These coupons are for all products including Starter Kits, Disposables, accessories and much much more. There is a $50 minimum order required for the discount so hook dad up with some ecigs from Choice 7s today!


To take advantage of this discounts, please visit 7s eCigarettes by clicking on any of the links below and using the following coupon codes: