7s eCigarette Refills

7s eCigarettes offers many options when it  comes to maximizing the use of your ecigarette through refill systems such as cartomizers, atomizer & cartridge combinations as well as eliquid refill options. Once you have your initial 7s starter kit, you can enjoy the benefits of the refills with options such as interesting eliquid flavor combinations, varying eliquid strength options as well as the ability to mix and match in your use.

7s Cartomizer Refills

The 7s cartomizer refills are hands down the easiest refill system to use. Basically, when you start to notice that the flavor of your existing cartomizer begins to weaken, you know it is about time to replace the cartomizer. Some people like to replace the cartomizers regularly to be able to have a fresh and consistent draw, but you will notice the cartomizer needs replacing when vapor stops being produced or the flavor of the ecigarette weakens. To replace, simply screw on another cartomizer and you are good to go. View Pricing and buy 7s Cartomizers Now!

7s Premium eCigarettes Cartomizers come in a two pack, variety 5 pack, 10 pack, 20 pack and even a 40 pack for ultimate savings. 7s cartomizers are available in the following flavors:

  • Tobacco Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Menthol Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Apple Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Blueberry Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Cherry Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Chocolate Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Coffee Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Mocha Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Peach Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Strawberry Flavored 7s Cartomizers
  • Vanilla Flavored 7s Cartomizers

7s Premium eCigarette Cartomizers are available in Non nicotine and High Nicotine strengths. Tobacco and Menthol are also available in Very high, medium, and low strengths in addition to high and non nicotine versions.

 7s Cartridge Refills

7s Cartridge refills are a part of an older 3 piece version of its refill systems. There is a bit more work involved with cartridge refill systems, although many people still use them and enjoy their benefits regularly. A cartridge system uses an ecigarette atomizer to produce its vapor. When the flavor or vapor is gone, the cartridge can be refilled with high quality eliquid from Choice 7s. Simple drip the 7s eliquid into the empty cartridge to refill. There are benefits of the cartridge system in that you can mix and match drops of eliquid to create interesting flavor combinations or you could simple drip a single flavor for consistency and ease of use. The cartridge system requires a little more maintenence with the atomizer and slightly more time than the cartomizer options. Click here to view pricing and to buy 7s replacement cartridges now!

7s offers two different cartridge replacement systems, both come in a 10 pack. They offer the 7s Micro cartridge replacements in either white, black or tan and the 7s Classic cartridge system is available in black color only.

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